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Veloce Solutions helps providers comply with the 21st Century Cures Act

Here's my quick summary of the "Cures Act"...The Cures Act mandates that ALL healthcare providers provide patients with online access to their private health information through a secure certified patient portal where Certain information pertaining their visit will be available. The patients can review the summaries and, if desired, forward the information to another provider or representative in the new USCDI format via FHIR APIs AND access the information in all provider portals from the app of their choice! What does this mean? So if the patient visits 10 different doctor offices, the patient can install the app of their choice and access all 10 provider office visit summaries in that 1 app. This eliminates the need for the patient to install and manage 10 different portals 1 for each provider office. I have been watching this for several years and now is the time to comply.


The first problem is, non certified EHR software companies do not have to comply, but their users do! So the users are left with 2 choices... switch to a certified EHR software from what they are using now, or find a way to connect their existing software to a Cures Act Certified Software.

Option 1: Switch software PROBLEMS: There is not any certified chiropractic software that I am aware of and to switch is expensive, time consuming, stressful, and required a lot of training.

Option 2: Connect a Cures Act Certified portal to your existing software. PROBLEM: Very limited number of certified portals to connect to AND your software needs to be integrated with the portal.

So providers are stuck with NO OPTIONS... UNTIL NOW!!!!

Solution: (2)

Veloce Solutions has partnered with and made the integration with Bridge. Bridge's patient portal software IS Cures Act Certified. Several EMRs have already reached out and began the integration process with Veloce to provide their users the ability to meet the Cures Act requirements that go into effect 1/1/2023.

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*You can see the list of integrated EMR software on each of the Veloce Solution product pages. If your EMR is not listed, feel free to contact Veloce Solutions and we will see what we can do to help you.


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