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Veloce Solutions: Pricing Model

The mission of Veloce Solutions LLC is to help you maximize simplicity and efficiency in your practice by building partnerships and collaborations that will save practices money as well as allow the providers to focus of their patients, not their software.

  • As different products and solutions are connected to Veloce Solutions, they will be made available to your office. The cost of each solution varies as well as the terms of use. The terms of use will be outlined for each solution at time of purchase. Each solution may offer optional addons which may or may not cost an additional fee.

  • A Veloce Solutions access fee is applied to subscriptions for the integration of the solutions together. Support is included via the knowledgebase and training videos in the help center. An onboarding fee applied to a solution includes setting up and connecting the subscribed products together for your office. *Custom design/support/training is available and will be an additional expense quoted at the time of request by an office.

If you have any pricing questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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