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The integration between Innate and Veloce Solutions is complete.

This article will help you get started and guide you through the process of subscribing for solutions and syncing everything together. Good news is.. it's SEAMLESS! :) This will be easy and not interfere with your day to day operations. In fact... the idea is that the solutions makes them easier.

Quick Recommendation:

Familiarize yourself with this new website. It is setup for ease of use and simplicity. - Solutions is where you will find information about available products and solutions

- The blog is where you will find announcements and helpful information about topics such as the cures act and new integrations.

- The help center is where you will find training videos, knowledge base, version history, known issues, be able to submit tickets, and everything related to giving you the best user experience possible.

- If you need anything else, simply contact us and we'll help you asap.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: SUBSCRIBE You may or may not have pre-registered for the Veloce Solutions. In either case, you must officially subscribe for each solution. You can access each solution from the home page of this site.

The Portal solution is REQUIRED for all providers to meet the 21st Century Cure Act Requirements that went into effect on 1/1/2023. *Be sure to check out the BUNDLE offers with other solutions to save $$$! **REMEMBER... subscribe the DOCTOR with the Doctor's information.. NOT the assistant's!


Once you subscribe to a solution, you may be sent documents to sign for the solution. Examples include: BAA, Software License Agreement, Terms of use, etc...

You also may be set form documents that allow onboarding to customize your solution for you. Examples include: Logo, Number of Providers, Provider's information, office hours, etc...

Step 3: ONBOARDING Once you have completed the above steps your office will be added to the queue to be onboarded.

Step 4: WHAT DO I DO NOW? Sit back and relax. You are compliant if you have subscribed. You'll be contacted when you are ready to proceed with the solution. You can discuss a 'go live date' with the representative at that time to ensure a smooth transition for your office. The help center will be developed with training videos and support documentation to know what to expect and how to use each solution.

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